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MAG 8000 Monitorointikaivo
1000 Vesipostit

5100 Pumppaamot
9200 Palopostiasemat
9350 Jakotukit




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Water management solutions

Palo- ja Vesitekniikka PA-VE Oy serves you to develop high quality and safety water management solutions. PA-VE produces reliable wells, pumping stations, and water and fire hydrants.

Our ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental systems are certified by DNV.



The Finnish wells, pumping stations and other equipment for water networks

PA-VE's metering stations, pumping stations and other equipment are designed to resist northern winters in the frozen ground, as well as the autumn rains.
PA-VE anticipate the needs of the water management by innovating new technology to control water networks and investing in product development and tailor-made solutions. PA-VE's specialised expertise produce the safety of water management.